Placeit vs Canva Comparison for Print-On-Demand


  1. What are Placeit and Canva?
  2. Price Plans
  3. Design Templates
  4. Mockup Designs
  5. Social Media Templates
  6. Graphic Design Customisation

Summary and Score

What are Placeit and Canva?

Price Plans

Design Templates

Mockup Designs

Social Media Templates

Graphic Design Customisation

Bonus Content

Top Recommended Influencers for Print On Demand:

  • Greg Goffried — Teespring And Affiliate Marketing Expert, very digestible on a surface level
  • TheMoneyGame — RedBubble Expert who has great advice on the latest tools to use
  • Lisa Irby — RedBubble who has great tips on designing for Niches
  • Ryan Hogue Passive Income — Merch on Amazon Expert and does regular Niche updates
  • Wholesale Ted — Covers all Print On Demand from Shopify businesses to Teespring T-shirt design tips



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