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Keyword Analysis of a Reddit Thread with Google Colab and PRAW

Rare Loot
1 min readJun 7, 2020


I am going to show you how I analysed the topics of discussion within a Reddit Thread by reviewing the most common key words within the comments. I will cover:

  • Extracting and storing the comments.
  • Cleaning the text
  • Identifying the common words
  • Identifying chosen key words

Rather than writing both the code and explanation in Medium. I have provide a Google Colab notebook template for you to extract, store and review your own Reddit Thread. Here’s the link and if you use it, in return I ask you clap for me :).

Notebook Template of Reddit Comments Extraction and Common Words Analysis.ipynb

Also if you’re interested in learning Python and executing all the cool automated projects you have swirling in your head then DataCamp’s platform is perfect for you. I think the best part isn’t the 355+ courses from Python, SQL or Tableau but the mobile app to practice on, a live community to hold you accountable and skill assessments to perfect your skills.

Any feedback would be appreciated.



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