How to download an artists’ lyrics from using Python

  • Search requests allow you to search for any given string, just like you would in the search box on the website.
  • The Song and Artist requests allow you to directly access an item from the Genius database by providing the item’s corresponding API ID. After receiving a request, the database returns a JSON object containing search results, song names, etc.

Import your modules and assign your credentials/artist

#Assign your credentials and select your artist
import lyricsgenius as genius
geniusCreds = "{Credentials}"
artist_name = "{Your Chosen Artist}"
#Connect your credentials and chosen artist to the genius object then test the first 5 songs
api = genius.Genius(geniusCreds)
artist = api.search_artist(artist_name, max_songs=5)
artist = api.search_artist(artist_name)
import os

Save your songs


Open your json file

import pandas as pd

Extract relevant song data

#Create an empty dictionary to store your songs and related data
artist_dict = {}
def collectSongData(adic):
dps = list()
title = adic['title'] #song title
url = adic['raw']['url'] #spotify url
artist = adic['artist'] #artist name(s)
song_id = adic['raw']['id'] #spotify id
lyrics = adic['lyrics'] #song lyrics
year = adic['year'] #release date
upload_date = adic['raw']['description_annotation']['annotatable']['client_timestamps']['lyrics_updated_at'] #lyrics upload date
annotations = adic['raw']['annotation_count'] #total no. of annotations
descr = adic['raw']['description'] #song descriptions

dps.append((title,url,artist,song_id,lyrics,year,upload_date,annotations,descr)) #append all to one tuple list
artist_dict[title] = dps #assign list to song dictionary entry named after song title

collectSongData(Artist['songs'][5]) #check function works
artist_dict['{chosen song}'][0][4]

Store your data in a CSV file

import csvdef updateCSV_file():
upload_count = 0 #Set upload counter
location = "{suitable_file_location}" #Pick file location
print("input filename of song file, please add .csv")
filename = input() #give your file a name
file = location + filename
with open(file, 'w', newline='', encoding='utf-8') as file: #open a new csv file
a = csv.writer(file, delimiter=',') #split by comma
headers = ["Title","URL","Artist", "Song ID", "Lyrics", "Year", "Upload Date", "Annotations","Description"] #create header row
a.writerow(headers) #add header row
for song in artist_dict:

print(str(upload_count) + " songs have been uploaded")



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