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After the last few months of hot takes over the new GitHub Copilot AI, I wanted to explain why I’m excited for it as a Python programmer.

GitHub Copilot is a new AI system created by OpenAI that writes code for you based on the programmer outlining their requirements. The aim is the AI will be able to turn your human sentences into fully-fledged lines of code.

You’ve seen the memes and jokes on how you spend very little time actually writing code.

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As a lifelong learner who has been studying online courses for years, it has been amazing seeing the progression of online courses in quality and accessibility. This has been fast tracked by the pandemic that has given remote workers, furloughed workers, university students and at home parents more time to invest in personal development.

Being able to access complete course syllabuses at top universities without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars is a massive opportunity. Some would say that university courses are being outdone by the interactive, practical and user-friendly set up of online courses.

Online courses have come a…

These are 10 things I’ve learned after 400+ hours playing Apex Legends.

Getting the odd Champion Victory is nice but getting into Platinum ranks requires a certain level of consistency beyond reflexes and hand eye coordination.

If I was going to write a Bible for new Apex Legends players it would prioritise these guidelines.

There are affiliate links found within this article so I can continue to afford to fund my ever growing gaming backlog.

1. Make sound your friend, not your enemy.

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Just under 6 months and 120 hours later, I have completed the Data Scientist with Python Career track. Even though I have written the main review, I wanted to outline the areas for improvement in a separate post. Maybe this can be applied to other online courses teaching difficult, technical subjects with similar features as online learning continue to grow in popularity.

Make learning from mistakes easier

I’ve recently completed the Datacamp Data Scientist with Python Career Track and wanted to provide a review of my learning experience and how prepared I feel about working in Data Science going forward.

Previous Coding Experience

I started learning Python a couple of years ago for about a year. Since then I forgot most of the syntax but knew how to get set up pretty quickly so I wasn’t a complete beginner. …

Spotify Podcast Search Results

As someone who listens to a lot of podcasts, I realised something many podcasts are not paying attention to — episode thumbnails.

Most podcasters are so focused on the logo, the YouTube visuals, the Apple and Spotify profile pages that they forget that they need visuals for each episode.

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Ever since GaryVee announced VeeFriends I’ve been reading more into NFTs. I mean PROPERLY reading into it. Not just reading headlines and tweets and assuming it’s a digital money laundering scheme.

NFTs might have some real potential and all it takes is looking at this trivial use case to realise it. I’m not talking digital art. That’s just signalling wealth which is how Nate Alison put in and that makes a lot of sense.

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The Goodreads Reading Challenge started in 2011 and has 2,938,424 participants in 2021. As much as this is a creative way to gamify a good habit, the focus on the act of reading obscures the purpose behind it. This might provide the wrong incentives that sacrifice quality reading for shortcutting — for the sake of numerical targets. Efficiency measures such as increasing audiobook playback to 3x speeds, book summary apps and speed reading leaves meager room for engaging with the content.

Only 16% of people actually finished their yearly book challenges in 2018. So when I see Ted Talks on

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Anyone who knows me would probably say I’m a fairly disciplined individual who follows a series of healthy, productive routines on a daily basis. And they would’ve been correct up until March 2020. At this point the pandemic forced many office workers including myself to start working from home. Many people would say that this allowed us to get some of our time back — thus making us more productive.

We were no longer chained to hour long commutes and waking up early to meet the rush hour schedule of the 9–5. We would also use our new found control…

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What are the supposed benefits of reading books?

Pulling the first result from a Google Search, these are the main benefits of reading books. But how accurate are these claims?

This also applies to so many other activities. As long as you are getting mental stimulation, your brain will benefit from the exercise. This could take the form of math problems, puzzles, learning new skills — all of which could be more engaging than reading a book. My question is — does 30 minutes of sudoku puzzles offer more mental stimulation than 30 minutes of reading?

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