Ahh okay, this issue has jogged my memory of a limitation with pushshift.

So there's two ways to extract data from Reddit.

1. Pushshift

2. Reddit API

Reddit API is a lot more reliable but it doesn't let you pull data between two distinct dates (I mention this at the top of the article).

Pushshift gives you more flexibility to extract data between dates but it sometimes misses data. It's very annoying when doing big data extractions.

If you only want most recent submissions/comments after one specific date e.g. "All submissions after 1st April 2021", try Reddit API extraction. You can google how to do that or you can read my post back in '18 - https://rareloot.medium.com/basics-of-data-extraction-of-reddit-threads-using-python-c96854c41344

Hopefully you're about to find something that works for you. Very sorry I haven't been more helpful!

Rare Loot

Experimenting with Python and Social Media APIs using web scraping, exploratory data analysis and amateur coding.

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